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At QuestCutz we provide professional and affordable services at your home. Whether it's an hairstyle or a quick cut from one of your favorite QuestCutz barbers. We can assure your satisfaction with a curated roster barbers and hair stylist! With our Mobile QuestCutz App coming soon in 2020, we're excited to bring you ease and functionality bringing even better service to you! We're creating a mobile barbers and beauticians platform for the convenience of everyone. Look and feel great with QuestCutz.  

—QuestCutz Team

"From my personal experience getting haircuts, there were many days that I felt like I wasted  too much of my time. I had to either get up early on the weekend and be first at the Barbershop or wait hours for the next available barber during the week. To make matters worse, scheduling appointments weren’t 100% guaranteed. The process was always inconvenient, especially when you're trying to get the most of your day. 

There had to be a better option to getting haircuts easier and more convenient for the customer. After much thought, I teamed up with Roderick Pickens and Daniel P. Castillo and integrated a software component to the grooming business that would help address this issue. Soon customers will be able to use the QuestCutz mobile app or website to book barbers, stylist or popup shops at  a desired time and location."

—Marcus Pickens (Founder, CEO)


Our Team

QuestCutz Management


Marcus Pickens


Marcus is an Entrepreneur, Advocate, and Leader in his community. He is deeply passionate about enhancing the way we currently live. He is also embedded in improving the outcomes of communities of color similar to the one he grew up in. He is the Founder and CEO of QuestCutz  and he serves on the Board of Directors for the Non-Profit Organization called the Social Justice Learning Institute. 

Marcus started QuestCutz for a couple reasons. The first reason was that he has a passion for culture and the hair industry, and he also simply came across a great idea when brainstorming what kind of start up concept he wanted to tackle and went for it. The second reason was that the community that he grew up in had very little representation for entrepreneurship and self-starting. Marcus grew up in Watts, Los Angeles, California and he strives to be an entrepreneurial inspiration and catalyst in his community. His hopes and intentions are on raising the levels of economic opportunity within his community and similar communities. The third reason why he started QuestCutz is because he strives to give the tech community African American representation at the top while giving youth from disadvantaged communities the belief that they can become a tech entrepreneur and pretty much anything they desire to be. 

The world is changing fast and technology start ups are the drivers for the future. Unfortunately there is very little African American representation at the top or even the middle of the tech community. Marcus understands how important representation is in different industries and knows from his experience that representation for one generation becomes the dreams and aspirations of the next.

Roderick Pickens


Roderick Pickens is an IT professional with 10+ years of industry experience. He has worked in various capacities in the IT industry support mobile and web platforms.

His experience in Quality Assurance Process implementation for software and business processes makes him an asset to QuestCutz business strategy and mobile app development.

Roderick is passionate about providing the highest quality of services in every aspect of his personal and business life. QuestCutz is the realization of a family concept to revolutionize one of the oldest professions in the world.


Daniel Castillo


Daniel P. Castillo has 10+ years working as a creative in various capacities and industries– as a video and audio editor for numerous film, radio, and podcast projects, camera operator and photographer for events, and commercial productions, graphic designer for a record label, social media websites, and production companies, and as a creative arts director for a community based organization.

His experience in strategizing, developing and promoting a company’s story and brand in a multitude of avenues will play huge dividends in articulating the story of QuestCutz.


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